Baby Boomer Statistics or Playing With Numbers

By Larry Teren

Millenial Branding, a research organization specializing in understanding what motivates different generational groups, in partnership with, a website that helps people find jobs, spent a lot of money figuring out something we Baby Boomers already knew.                           

Their comprehensive study titled “The Multi-Generational Job Search.” surveyed 2850 baby boomer (ages 48-67) job seekers along with other age groups, although I believe that the boomers represented the largest subgroup they interviewed.

The study concludes that almost all the respondents, regardless of age, do their job searching online instead of offline and spend between five and twenty hours per week dedicated to this task. Job posting boards are the number one target for resource. Baby Boomers use social networks in their job search and LinkedIn is the primary choice.

This makes me wonder if there is much money anymore in daily newspapers publishing job classified ads in their Sunday editions and if not, how are they replacing the lost revenue? Or maybe they are not. There gets to be a fine line between a company announcing on a job board that they have job openings as opposed to paying for the same privilege in a newspaper classified. Or are the job boards charging the same dollars for the same annoucements? If then, are the same advertising dollars being spent but shifted to a different set of profiteers?

This also dispels the notion that baby boomers are set in their traditional ways and are reluctant to use the computer as a tool for just about anything. Where there is a will, there is a way. And the fact that we baby boomers prefer to use Linkedin as a way to dig up job opportunities indicates that we don’t like to mix business with pleasure. Linkedin is more about self-promoting from a business and/or money-making perspective. Facebook is more a social/hobby environment. When using Linkedin, I’d guess that most people have their game face on, but not in the sense of the games we play but going all out to succeed.

Half the baby boomers spend 5 to 20 hours a week looking for a job and close to twenty percent up to 30 hours. This tells us something we all know without needing a survey to figure it out: it’s tough out there and one must be on guard at all times looking for opportunities.

Baby Boomer Respondent Statistics:

69% suffer stress 

43% depression

25% searching with no luck for over a year

65% feel they suffer from age discrimination

73% are optimistic

When I see statistics such as these where the cause and effect do not jibe numbers-wise, it makes me think that you can get anyone to tell you anything based on how you couch the questions and in which sequence you pose them.

Here’s another statistic:

The politicians in Washington, DC get paid 100% of the time regardless if there is economic upheaval.

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