Walking to School (late 1950s)

Watch this 1950’s film (edited by me for time and some content) and you will notice the following:

the parents are more concerned that the children do not enter a stranger’s car because they don’t know if he or she is a good driver and not because he or she is a deviate.

the children are encouraged to use an underground pedestrian tunnel without adult supervision.

the boy can wear jeans but the girl has to wear a dress.

In the fall of 1964, a couple of weeks before I turned 12, I was taking two short bus trips and two CTA Elevated Train rides halfway across the city of Chicago to go to private school. Sometimes I would be with my sister, other times I was on my own. We didn’t even think twice about our safety until a couple of years later when the great racial divide came to the forefront and then no one was safe- children or adults.

Sometimes I’d get home at 6:30pm, other times at 7pm, depending on weather conditions. Imagine parents letting their kids do this nowadays!

Baby boomers will find this most interesting. Here is the You Tube clip:

note: this is from the public domain archives provided by Prelinger.

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