Your Social Security Benefits (1953)

Shortly after the Federal Security Agency was renamed to The Department of Health, Education and Welfare on April 11, 1953, the Government put out this video explaining the revision to the Social Security Act, as amended by the Truman Administration in 1950.

Watch this film (edited by me for time and some content) and you will learn these facts among others:

3 cents on the tax dollar was used for Social Security administration.

You were taxed on one and a half percent of earnings

Social Security tax withholding had to be turned in four times a year.

A maximum of $150 a month was paid to a recipient depending on the situation. In this example, to the surviving wife and children of a husband who died young.

Baby boomers will find this most interesting. Here is the You Tube clip:

note: this is from the public domain archives provided by Prelinger.

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