Zsa Zsa Gets The Bird

By Larry Teren
It is possible to argue that Zsa Zsa Gabor was to the 1950s and 60s what Paris Hilton and her ilk are today. Not concidental, Zsa Zsa was once married for a few years in the 1940’s to Paris’ great-grandfather Conrad Hilton, the founder of the fabulously successful Hilton Hotel chain. Conrad, the second of Zsa Zsa’s nine husbands, was thirty years older than her.

Zsa Zsa Gabor , still alive at the age of 95 as of November 2012,zsazsagabor_3
made a career of basically playing herself in several movies and countless television shows. Even though she played the blonde buxom bombshell on screen, in the real world she was outspoken for several causes and confident of her actions.

Zsa Zsa Gabor loved animals and when her Bel Air home burnt to the ground while she was performing on the road, all she was concerned about was that her several dogs were able to escape to safety. She mentioned in her 1991 autobiography two memorable events involving birds.

The first occurred when she bought a new mansion in Bel Air and hired a team of workmen to renovate a section of the house. Early one Monday morning she arrived at the house to inspect the work and unlocked the front door. When she opened it, she found a bird lying dead on the drawing room floor. The bird had apparently flown into the house on Friday before the workmen left and was trapped inside all weekend. With no source of food, the bird starved to death. She picked it up and gave it a decent burial in the back yard. She could not live in that house believing that the death of the bird caused bad luck that would come back to haunt her. She never moved in and sold the Bel Air home at a significant loss.
The second occasion involved a macaw she bought at Neiman-Marcus on a trip to Dallas. She named him Ceasar and was warned by the store to feed him an orange every morning. She followed that instruction very carefully for a few months. Then, one day she forgot to do so. A few hours went by and didn’t even bother to check on Ceasar. Finally, she remembered her obligation, put down the book and went toward the kitchen. She gave a look toward his cage and saw that Ceasar immediately gave her a long stare. As macaws are parrots that can be taught to speak, Ceasar let out with , “forget you!” (Dear reader, you can imagine what he really said.)
Zsa Zsa cut up a piece of orange and gave it to the parrot and he ate it peacefully, but from that point and on, any time she or her husband would pass by the bird, it would shriek, “forget you!” Zsa Zsa’s husband got tired of this treatment and proclaimed that the bird had to go back to Nieman-Marcus. The store agreed to take back Ceasar. As he was carried out of the mansion and leaving the life of luxury, his last words were, of course, “forget you!” and seemed to have one claw lifted off its perch.

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