Marin County is One Big Energy Crisis

By Larry Teren
Blame the California energy crisis on all the do-gooders who call it home. Everywhere else in these fifty States of the Union, some concerned citizens make a big deal about separating recyclable items from stuff that will just lay there forever and fossilize. But, in Marin County, as everywhere else in California, they have to “one up“ the rest of us and make everything into compost. Continue reading “Marin County is One Big Energy Crisis”

Global Warming Conspiracy – Rainy Days and Mondays

By Larry Teren

My brother-in-law – no, not the doctor, but the expert in everything, believes that the plethora of hot days we are experiencing this summer is due to global warming. I ask him if he still believes in global warming when his neighborbood out on the east coast gets two 20 inch snowfalls within a month’s time. He says that it is further proof that the climate is changing. After all, don’t I understand that the global warming effect is causing the polar ice caps to melt? That this causes an atmospheric imbalance so that now we should experience more precipitation during the winter?
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Your Money Supply At Work

By Larry Teren

Did you ever wonder what the business and financial reporter on the radio means when he says M1 and M2 when referring to our money supply? M1 includes all physical money such as coins and currency as well as demand deposits such as checking and negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW) accounts. M1, therefore, refers to the amount of money that can quickly be converted to cash.
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Whatever Happened to Greasers?

By Larry Teren

All baby boomers remember that when a stranger didn’t like how we were behaving, he or she would call us a “juvenile delinquent”. It also didn’t help a boy to dress in a weird way or to comb the hair back in a duck-tail. That was the ‘hoodie’ look of the 1950s and early 60s. Normal boys had crew cut hair styles. But, if you looked like a punk, you were a juvenile delinquent or greaser. Clothes make the man. Appearances count. Yada, yada, yada. greaser Continue reading “Whatever Happened to Greasers?”

Why is There No WPA Today?

By Larry Teren

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was enacted by the Roosevelt Administration in 1935 and stayed in business providing work for a few million otherwise unemployed people until it was disbanded in 1943. The main reason that the Federal Government closed down the WPA was that millions of young, able-bodied men were being sent overseas to fight for this country during World War II. Even with a good number of US soldiers today fighting overseas we have major unemployment problems. Continue reading “Why is There No WPA Today?”

AARP Poll: Baby Boomers Do Not Plan to Retire

By Larry Teren

News item: A recent poll by AARP indicates that baby boomers as a whole do not expect to retire when eligible to receive social security benefits.

According to the story, baby boomers- those of us born between 1946 and 1964- plan to work for as long as we are healthy enough and employers are willing to keep us on the payroll. Continue reading “AARP Poll: Baby Boomers Do Not Plan to Retire”