In The Middle (Class)?

Not being a middle child but the second oldest in a group of five, I don’t have that ‘being in the middle’ complex when it comes to attention. And if you know me, you know that I’m not shy. But the thing is I usually look to find the middle ground. That is what bothers me so much about politics more than ever. Continue reading “In The Middle (Class)?”

This Is Truly Stupid for a Good Neighbor

The following is a true story about an auto theft and you are going to agree with me how stupid it plays out, but not for what you think. So, let me tell the story without interruption:

Debbie is the controller at a client of mine. When I went to visit yesterday, she told me how she made the local police blotter. I should point out that she lives with her husband and dog in a pretty large, beautiful Georgian style home about four blocks from my condo.

Naturally, I asked her if she got mugged. She gave me a sheepish grin and blurted out, “my car was stolen from in front of the house.” I asked if it happened overnight. She said that it happened in the morning getting ready to go to work. She had pulled the car out of the garage onto the private driveway and stepped out for a quick moment leaving the keys in the car with the motor running while racing back into the house to grab something she left behind. When she came back outside not more than a minute later, the car was gone. Continue reading “This Is Truly Stupid for a Good Neighbor”

The Life of Riley

For close to twenty years, starting in April 1983, I subleased a small corner office in a CPA firm. Then, a little more than ten years ago, the firm moved to a new location which ended up being about the same mile and a half distance as before from my condo but heading west instead of north. One morning last week I went to the office to check the mail earlier than usual. But that’s basically all I do there now. I gave up the desk space when they made the move.lifeofriley
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Oh, Henry

By Larry Teren

Twenty six years after his passing, I still think about Uncle Henry. Which reminds me- before Al Gore invented email (or was it just the Internet?) my fellow human beings took great care in how we put thoughts on paper. We went to great lengths to make sure our handwriting was legible and worthy of reading. Continue reading “Oh, Henry”

The Best Buy is What Makes You Happy

A noted financial analyst on the radio said the other day that a long-time, big-name electronics retailer is hurting but will find a way to survive. Other so-called experts are saying that this major retailer is headed for the pile heap as have others in recent years. That in itself is no big deal as one hears such things all the time. Except, that there are not too many long-time, big-name electronics retailers around anymore. This one may be the last of the bunch.best_buy
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