Baby Boomer Television Memories without a VCR

By Larry Teren

Recently a college age friend told me about a school project he was required to do and asked me to participate. Specifically, he wanted to interview me about what it was for a baby boomer to grow up on television while the medium itself was being created. I told him that television as we know it started in 1947 and that I was not old enough to appreciate being entertained by it until the late 1950’s, several years past the birth pangs. Nevertheless, I was willing to cooperate and be interviewed.               Continue reading “Baby Boomer Television Memories without a VCR”

Of The News, Knees and Judge Judy

By Larry Teren

The Harris Organization conducted a poll in August that confirmed the growing trend of people abandoning the newspaper for the Internet. 2,307 adults were surveyed and the results showed that of those questioned

10% cite the newspaper as their preferred method for receiving the news

36% mostly use the Internet as their primary source for news while

50% watch television.

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Why Lawyer Jokes Are Popular

By Larry Teren

About a year ago I received notice in the mail that a certain person had filed a class action suit on my behalf along with thousands of others because the health insurance company we had belonged to had unilaterally and illegally changed the plan we were on. The letter provided a website where we could keep track of the events as well as fill out a claim form to ensure that we would indeed get something out of it. I looked at the information on the website and I figured at the most I could get was maybe $100 or $150. Or if I read it even more correctly, to multiply that amount for each year I got screwed by the insurance company. This could end up being close to $1000. Since I considered this found money, I decided to fill out the form and check the website every month or so.

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Baby Boomer Statistics or Playing With Numbers

By Larry Teren

Millenial Branding, a research organization specializing in understanding what motivates different generational groups, in partnership with, a website that helps people find jobs, spent a lot of money figuring out something we Baby Boomers already knew.                           

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A Star Isn’t Born

By Larry Teren

My buddy Tony has a vivid imagination. At least, that’s what I think. He is the guy who should have been sitting in the back seat of that car with Rod Steiger instead of Marlon Brando in the movie, “On The Waterfront”, and speak those immortal words- “I coulda been a contender!”     Continue reading “A Star Isn’t Born”

Sounds of Silence

By Larry Teren

They say silence is golden. I guess it depends if it is forced on you or you prefer it that way. The other day I bumped into a friend (no, I didn’t hurt him) just a wee bit older than me in the parking lot of a supermarket. Whenever I see him or his brothers, the first question I ask is how his father is doing now that he is widowed and living in an assisted living facility. (It is a mixed environment where most residents can get up and walk around and enjoy life’s pleasures. Some still drive a car but there are a few on the top floor who need almost nursing home care.)      Continue reading “Sounds of Silence”

Nielsen Neurofocus and Baby Boomers

By Larry Teren

Everyone is looking at baby boomers as if we are animals caged in a zoo. They stare from the outside and wonder if it is safe to go near us, examine, probe and try to understand us. In the past year we went from being another demographic segment of society to being the most critical from which all trends will derive for the next twenty years.      Continue reading “Nielsen Neurofocus and Baby Boomers”

Amazon Book Shipping Policy

By Larry Teren

For most Baby Boomers, Amazon used to mean a river that goes through a few countries in South America. And it is also mentioned in one of the oldest jokes I remember from the Three Stooges where they meet Amazon women who are over six feet tall and say upon seeing them, “take me to your ladder, I’ll see your leader later.”   Continue reading “Amazon Book Shipping Policy”

The Court of Public Opinion

By Larry Teren

I got the notice in the mail that said my court date was on Thursday, any time in the afternoon from 1pm to 4pm. The accompanying letter indicated the following:

You are hereby invited to appear at the Court of Public Opinion this Thursday afternoon to state your case for any one issue you feel deserves to be resolved. Please call the phone number listed below by Tuesday to state the subject on which you wish to opine. We will schedule a representative of the opposing side of the subject matter to defend against your opinion. If you do not call before the end of the day on Tuesday, do not bother to show up on Thursday. Continue reading “The Court of Public Opinion”

A Teenage Driver is Like an Expensive Bottle of Whiskey

By Larry Teren

There is an irony in the following but it is not funny. Do a web engine search on “18 year old Highland Park” and it comes up on the first page with two significant but unrelated subjects. Well, maybe:
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