A House Divided

A House Divided

By Larry Teren

I generally try to avoid any discussion of politics in this blog site. There are two things, however, that I noticed in the last couple of days that I cannot leave alone. One is a news analyst on election night using the expression “a house divided” and the other is an idiotic article written by a smug generation x-er on a left coast print media website. Continue reading “A House Divided”

Fooled Me

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.” When I first learned this Shakespearean sonnet in college I presumed he wrote it to impress a lady. Sorry- not so.

He wrote it and other sonnets for a man. It’s not what you think. (Not that there’s anything wrong with it. Right, Jerry and George?) Good old Will was presumably a straight shooter. He was being paid to write nice things about his patrician, the patron of the arts who financed Will’s lifestyle.
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