Sore As Heck

There used to be a time in my life when someone would ask me,”Are you sore?” and I would presume that they were wondering if I was upset. It was another way of saying, “are you angry with me?” Time out- why does the expression “angry with” have the same meaning as “angry at”? Being angry with someone should mean that you both are angry for a common cause or at each other, no?- Time in

Regardless, today when someone asks me, “Are you sore?”, I usually reply, “do you have five minutes and I’ll be glad to share?” And then I begin. “My joints are sore- knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders….” Am I forgetting any? And for those who are still interested, there’s my arthritis, tendonitis, itchy scalp, swollen legs, frequent.. uh, we won’t go there. You get the message. I wake up every morning wondering if I should just stay in bed another half hour or drag myself out into the paying world.
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