Netflix Offers Blockbuster Savings?

By Larry Teren

I recently heard that Netflix raised their monthly fees for renting films. It was couched in such a way that it does not look like a price increase but rather a splitting of the current all-in-one service into two distinct plans. The thinking is that most people really only use one or the other aspect of the service but not both. It smacks of a little double talk to me and definitely confusing. You can read the official explanation on their blog located at . Continue reading “Netflix Offers Blockbuster Savings?”

Eager To Agree

crossword_puzzleAre baby boomers the last generation to latch onto crossword puzzles? If I were in charge of education, I’d make it so that once kids learned basic reading and writing skills, they’d be obligated to take a course in word puzzles. The class would be geared toward teaching them how to recognize word and sentence construction by doing all the different type of puzzles. For example, When they’d see a four letter word that began with a t and ended with a t, they would know instinctively that more than ninety percent of the time, it would be ‘that’. They would learn the rhythm of word flow and usage. They would also appreciate being able to complete the puzzle and feel a sense of accomplishment. This makes more sense than forcing them to read a novel and try to get them to explain what the author meant. Who cares what the author meant!
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