Kill or Be Killed

There was a time in America when we used to let our military win wars. Yeah, I know- it’s easy to be an expert sitting in an arm chair. But, it’s a pretty obvious conclusion based on the evidence

World War II ended the string of American Military victories in 1945- the same year the Chicago Cubs last played a World Series game. 1945worldseriesSince then, we got stalemated in Korea in the early 1950’s, ran away from Viet Nam twenty years later when we lost the guts to do it correctly but did win the battle in Grenada in 1983. I think, though, it was used as a military recruitment training exercise video. Let’s see- in the early 1990’s we moved the battlefront to the Middle East and quit when the politicians yelled that it was time to come in and eat. Conflict was renewed in the past decade in Iraq and Afghanistan with similar results. I think both of those had to do with having a Bush President.
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The End is a Good Beginning

According to the new rules of etiquette when someone wants to tell you the ending to a movie that you haven’t seen yet, don’t stop them. Let them. They’re doing you a favor even if it is a must-see film.

Hey, don’t tell me I’m wrong. I’m only suggesting what so-called Internet experts say is the best way to communicate. That is- get to the point right away and work your way backwards. If writing is your bag, put something down on paper that draws interest and then the reader will hopefully be hooked and continue to read. Internet experts say that a visitor abandons a blog very quickly if it starts with “Once upon a time … “. For example, if I had started telling you the story of the effort to save Private Ryan and not got to the ironic twist of fate until the very end, you’d be thinking “wake me up when the bore is done. I don’t need to listen to a story of soldiers going through enemy territory. I’ve seen it so many times before”. If you don’t already know about this 1998 World War Two movie, Captain John Miller (played by Tom Hanks) saves Private Ryan from being captured or killed by the Nazis. Just when you think all ends happily, Miller is shot, sits on the escape bridge stunned and in shock knowing that he has been hit and slowly bleeds to death.
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