Netflix Makes a Qwikster Retreat

By Larry Teren

So now Netflix announces another corrective action to how they do business. The idea of spinning off their two operations into, well- two operations, didn’t seem right after all. It would have meant maintaining two websites, two credit card processing systems, two sets of login id’s and passwords, etc. Continue reading “Netflix Makes a Qwikster Retreat”

A Victim of Circumstances

A Victim of Circumstances

Curly of The Three Stooges used to plead plaintively that the mess he was in was due to being a victim of circumstances. It usually just got him a knock on the head or a poke in the eyes.

For baby boomers life seems to be always going in this direction, too. As we age, more and more things happen that we have no control over. It could be a trip due to momentary clumsiness that ends up in a visit to the hospital emergency room. Or all of a sudden the car starts to fall apart and you don’t have enough money to buy even a decent used one without breaking into the retirement income.

It could be the frustration of seeing the next generation in your family tree is not turning out the way you wanted them to. Or all of a sudden people in your age bracket are dropping like flies.
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