Criminally Stupid

By Larry Teren

“Your honor, it must be something they add to the Lake Michigan water we drink in the Chicago area. Three very recent news events are submitted to the court for you to judge.”    Another way to put this, is what does a criminally stupid bank robber,  unhappy lady bar patron and a police chief have in common? Continue reading “Criminally Stupid”

On Being Alcohol Proof

The first time alcohol touched my body was when I was quite young. My mother took a swab of cotton, dunked it ever so slightly into a bottle of rubbing alcohol and applied it to a scrape on my knee. I screamed like the dickens and gave her a look like “why are you trying to kill me?” The cure was worse than the malady. At the time, I made a mental note to try to avoid in the future anything that had to do with alcohol. I guess you can say I made myself alcohol proof.
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