Being Smart Means Nothing Anymore

By Larry Teren

Danny called the other day after he saw my name on his cellphone’s missed calls list.

Danny: “So, you need a painter?”

Me: “Ha, ha. What else you doing?”

I had tried calling him a few days earlier to see what was shaking. Like everyone else nowadays I felt there was no need to leave a voice mail as he’d eventually notice the missed call. Anyway, I also knew Danny had nothing good to say which is why he waited a few days to return the call.

Danny: “Not much. Finished painting the house myself. Getting it ready for sale this summer. Now that the kids are out , we don’t need so much space and gotta get out of here and into a smaller one in a suburb that has lower property taxes.”

Me: “Yeah, good luck.”                          Continue reading “Being Smart Means Nothing Anymore”

Why There Are No Jobs

By Larry Teren


We already know that the world isn’t coming to an end but what some of us find hard to accept is that there is no longer a need for the same percentage of people in the workforce as there was during the height of the Industrial Revolution. Face it- computers have done what the experts promised years ago would happen. Data processing makes us more efficient and requires less people to do the tasks than were used to by humans manually. Continue reading “Why There Are No Jobs”