Stress Test

By Larry Teren

Dear Diary,

Just between you and me, I laugh at those celebrities who brag about going to psychiatrists. It’s like a birthright for them. Almost as if it is one of the prerequisites in order to become famous in show business. Me- I don’t need a shrink. I self-analyze, right?

Remember when I wrote that Ma said I needed to go to anger management class? I told her that I needed to go to impatience management class instead but that I just didn’t have the time to do it. Well, now I realize it isn’t impatience I suffer either- it’s stress.
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Aging Report

By Larry Teren

Most of us who get involved with the running of a business understand what an aging report is. An aging report is a good barometer of a business’ health and ability to stand on its own two feet. This story, however, is not about business but a report on the aging of a couple of humans.
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Medicareless Rehab Billing Practices

By Larry Teren

Okay, you want to know why Medicare is going bankrupt? Because of policy-making decisions such as the following that recently happened to Ma. Continue reading “Medicareless Rehab Billing Practices”