Mr. Sheen’s Sticks and Stones

Charlie Sheen is fired by the production company that owns his very popular television show because of alleged acts of abuse in several areas. He goes on a rampage declaring he will get even. He arranges a multi-city visit for live lecture performances. The one in Chicago is sold out fourteen minutes after tickets go on sale. The television network that broadcasts his show now wants him back and tells the production company to leave good old Charlie alone and that they will take care of him. Why all of a sudden the about face? Because another major rival television network is negotiating with Charlie to give him a new show with him as the producer.

In the 1930’s and 40’s, in the height of the movie studio era, if a contract player was caught by the press cheating on his or her spouse or living in sin with another person, his contract was immediately terminated. If it was a star who made big bucks for the studio, his or her transgression was kept secret. In today’s world, there ares no secrets. No one cares about infidelity or alternative lifestyles. But, the moment a group threatens to boycott because someone made comments about those that comprise their membership, all the celebrity has to do is apologize and all is forgiven. Because it is business.
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