Whatever Happened to Restaurant Service?

I’m the type who likes to put anything edible that has to be warmer than room temperature in a microwave and have it do its thing in five minutes or less. I then gobble up the food and wonder why my digestive tract has a difficult time breaking down what gets tossed into it.

Anyway, my niece picked a so-called fancy restaurant to celebrate her mother’s- my older sister- special birthday. I had no problem going to a restaurant. It was just that I knew it would not be a happy situation.

My brother and I arrived and noticed how dark it was inside. I knew right away that I was not gonna be happy because the entire dining area at the fancy joint was dimly lit. Was this because they didn’t want us to see what was put in front of our eyes?

They tried to fool us into believing the eatery would be a grand experience. The greeter asked us while we waited for the rest of our party near the front entrance if we wanted refreshments. I quickly caught on, being a worldly guy, that this was not an offer to swig down a bottle of pop for free. So I politely asked for a glass of water. The hostess returned with it along with a straw resting inside between the crushed ice. Hmm…
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