Remotely Working Remotely

By Larry Teren

There has been plenty discussed lately about the work rules established by Marissa Meyer, the CEO of Yahoo. She laid down the law that employees can no longer work from home via remote connection to the office. They have to show up in person at the office 40 hours a week or go find another place to work.

This brings to mind an incident that occurred in 1981 when I was working at a computer consulting company in Chicago’s north suburban area. Yes, Clive- they did have computer consultants back then. It was not something conjured up in this century.
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The Life of Riley

For close to twenty years, starting in April 1983, I subleased a small corner office in a CPA firm. Then, a little more than ten years ago, the firm moved to a new location which ended up being about the same mile and a half distance as before from my condo but heading west instead of north. One morning last week I went to the office to check the mail earlier than usual. But that’s basically all I do there now. I gave up the desk space when they made the move.lifeofriley
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Mr. Coverup

I recently decided it was time to have a piece or two of furniture re-upholstered. I called Arnold, whom I’ve known socially for more than thirty years and invited him to come by, look over the situation and make an offer.
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The Office of the Self-Employed

By Larry Teren


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