By Larry Teren

If you are not experiencing abdominal pain or worried about getting or having colon cancer, then I guess the following story will not induce a visit to the family doctor.

Usually when someone tosses out an expression such as “movie prep” my mind harks back to the days when I would frequent movie theaters. I’m sorry, I forget that now we call them cinemas, which rhymes with… but, that’s getting ahead of the story. Anyway, I always thought a cinema was the film itself- you know, like the Spanish word cine.

Anyway, until a month ago, as far as I was concerned a movie prep meant to bring enough extra money to buy a box of popcorn, a cup of pop (or do you say soda?), chocolate covered raisins (the ones that didn’t move on their own when you put them in your hand) or Ferraro candy coated almonds. Not any more. Not after these past couple of weeks. Now, “movie prep” immediately congers up a putrid tasting medicinal preparation in advance of a colonoscopy procedure. Continue reading “Semi-colonoscopy”