Seniors Rule but Move Over- Here Come the Boomers!

By Larry Teren

Congratulations, Baby boomers! You are on the cusps of making a strong political as well as economic statement in the United States. Of course, it all depends on whether social security benefits will be there when we are ready to take it.

Recently published is the news that senior citizens are now at their largest share of the population than ever before. With more than three hundred million United States citizens, forty million, or roughly 13 percent make up a solid segment. For comparison sakes, at the beginning of the 20th Century, the figure was 4.1 percent and the total population was less than half of now. Continue reading “Seniors Rule but Move Over- Here Come the Boomers!”

Is Social Security a Silver-Haired Lining?

The Economy is on everyone’s mind more so than ever. We read and hear how things are getting better but Unemployment is still way too high and many are working jobs below their skill level and collecting pay that does not keep up with the Joneses. I have it on good word, though, that Mr. Jones has been out of a job for the last eighteen months as his wife tries to hold the fort down with her meager salary. Jonesy is thinking of asking about that greeter’s job opening at Walmart.

Around the beginning of this century, baby boomers figured we would continue to hold our own in eking out enough of a living to pay current expenses even if we were not putting much away for the future. We also figured that Social Security benefits at age 65 would help when we retired and that Medicare would take care of health payments for our old age ailments and drug prescriptions. But, of course, that all changed.
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