Where is Justice?

A 27 year old lady kills two people while driving a car under the influence of marijuana and can end up getting probation for her lapse in good judgment. I didn’t write the word alleged because she has already been convicted. Now, she is awaiting her sentencing. At the worst she can get 6 to 8 years in the clink. But, a softhearted judge can decide to suspend the sentence and give her probation. Only because this is a first offense- no priors. Forget that she killed two people by knocking them off a motorcycle. (Let’s not go into the discussion on the stupidity of riding an open-air motorcycle.)

The judge who administered the conviction apparently feels sorry for people who smoke marijuana and then go and kill people. According to the news broadcast of this story, she has been given only a $5000 bond and is therefore able to be out in the free world until sentencing.

Compare this to the most recent former governor of Illinois (I know- I should be more specific and name names because this is a common occurrence in the Prairie State) who has been sentenced to spend the next 14 years in the hoosegow. He didn’t kill anyone or take any money in bribes. Apparently, he only threatened to demand bribes and cut deals. So, our society- at least in Illinois- considers a braggart a worse criminal than a killer. I won’t say murderer because that would be premeditated. I’m sure the lady didn’t plan to kill anyone- she just wanted to get high. But, if I recall only in love do you not have to say your sorry- or at least that’s what some guy wrote and made a lot of money on publicizing that catchphrase.

Greed seems to go hand in hand with a lack of justice. Okay, I’m talking about a different kind of justice now. You know, the kind where you want things to stay as they ought to be. Like a certain
baseball player leaving a team for which he has been a member for more than 10 years so he can make an extra 56 million dollars over the next decade. Oops, I forgot to mention that at the least, he could have stayed put with the team that made him a star and made $198 million but $250 million sounded a lot better to his ears.

Justice would have dictated that he stay loyal to his original team as he could live on $198 million very nicely and then have played his entire career for that team and be remembered fondly. Maybe they even would have put up a statue of him after he retired. Now justice dictates that he break his leg in the first week of the new season and the guy who cut the deal for the new team have a heart attack and subsequently get fired when they get stuck with a $250 million albatross because the ballplayer is never the same again.

And now comes word that the most recent National League MVP was allegedly taking performance enhancing stuff this past year of glory. He is eligible for a 50 game suspension. The story goes that the authorities knew about this as far back as October (It is December as I write this) while the balloting was going on for the prestigious award he won. Our sad sack of an athlete says to his legion of fans not to worry, that he can explain why he was drinking more than milk shakes and that his excuse is perfectly legal. Of course, it does not need to be spoken but if it turns out he is guilty then justice will be served and the MVP award will be handed over to the second place winner like they do in beauty contests. You don’t think he should be allowed to cry in his loving cup if he has to sit out 50 games next year, or do you?

As long as I’m on a roll, justice dictates that letter carriers get their paycheck delayed because it got lost in the mail. That the guy who programs the timing for traffic lights have his car’s transmission
go on the fritz so his auto won’t budge unless he opens up the wallet.

There are several more examples I can reveal but it would be an injustice to keep you from doing more important things. Catch you next time.

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